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Welcome to the Kerr Center on the Web!

The Kerr Center for Sustainable Agriculture is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit educational foundation.
The center is located on the historic Kerr Ranch near Poteau in southeastern Oklahoma. (Learn more about the Kerr Center.)

In 2014 the Kerr Center has demonstrations of organic horticulture and cattle/rotational grazing and is offering beginning farmer training and internships. Kerr Center is also doing work on conservation of native pollinator habitat and teaching farmers to make their farms more resilient and self-sufficient.

Tour the Kerr Center

Guided tours are available on the second Tuesday each month.
The last tour date for 2014 is December 9th.


Connecting with the Kerr Center

The Kerr Center operates on the earnings from its own endowment, grants, and donations. Individuals may donate through the Friends of the Kerr Center.

Friends of the Kerr CenterThe center welcomes both individuals and groups to tour the farm and ranch on the second Tuesday of each month.All other visits must be arranged two weeks in advance. Click here for schedule, cost and other information.


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Land Legacy
Southern SARE
Oklahoma Food Cooperative
Oklahoma Sustainability Network Oklahoma Sustainability Network Mvskoke Food Sovereignty Initiative

The Kerr Center
for Sustainable Agriculture
24456 Kerr Road
Poteau, OK 74953-8163
Phone: 918-647-9123
Fax: 918-647-8712

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