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The Oklahoma Producer Grant Program is not currently accepting new proposals.


General Information: Oklahoma Producer Grants
Farmers and ranchers know their land better than anyone else. They know their problems, and they often have innovative ideas about how to solve those problems.

While good ideas may not be in short supply, money often is. This program, the first of its kind in Oklahoma, supports farmer and rancher innovation with cash grants.

The Oklahoma Producer Grant Program awarded 48 grants between 1998 and 2008.  Results were shared with the public through over 20 field days, and a series of free fact sheets are available online (see list, below left).

Farmers and ranchers all over the state have had projects funded, for both research and demonstration.  Topics have included virtually all facets of sustainable agriculture, ranging from rotational and multi-species grazing, sunflower biodiesel, and variety trials, to vermicomposting, alternative crops, and eggmobiles.  (Annual summaries of grants awarded are listed at left.)

All projects addressed at least one of the eight priority areas of sustainable agriculture.


What is a producer grant?
A producer grant funds the development of a new idea or innovative practice in sustainable agriculture. Grants can be funded for up to $3,500 for a two-year project, and up to $7,500 for a three-year project.


Producer Grant recipient
Doug Walton and his
son Charley inspect
his cover crop trials.

What types of projects may be funded?
Grants will be given for both research and demonstration projects. Research projects are on-farm tests of a farming/ranching practice or technology. Demonstration projects are on on-farm demonstrations of a proven farming/ranching practice.

For tips on how to do research on your farm or ranch, see "How to Conduct Research on Your Farm or Ranch," an online informational bulletin from the Sustainable Agriculture Network.

Projects with the best chance of being funded are innovative, applicable to many other farms, and useful for more than one year.


Who may apply for a grant?
Any active resident producer in Oklahoma is eligible to receive a grant. Grants have been awarded to producers owning or leasing farms and ranches of all sizes, from half an acre to several thousand acres. Grant recipients have included fruit and vegetable growers, wheat and corn growers, cattle producers, wine-grape and pecan growers.


How and when are grants awarded?
The Kerr Center has divided the grant process into two sections.  The first is the preproposal process. Producers write a two or three page summary of the project they want to do on their farm/ranch and submit the preproposal to the Kerr Center by the due date. The preproposal should follow the guidelines outlined in the information packet

A technical committee will select a certain number of preproposals for development into a full proposal.  This allows producers to write down an idea for consideration without spending long hours completing a full proposal.  If selected to complete the full proposal, the preproposal will be further developed into a full application and returned to the Kerr Center by the deadline date.

To apply for this grant, a farmer/rancher should read the Call for Preproposals and Producer Grant Information Packet. The project must fit into this year’s priority areas. All proposals are reviewed by a qualified independent technical committee. Farmers are encouraged to link up with extension personnel, other state and federal agencies, nonprofit organizations, other farmers or specialists to assist with executing and analyzing their projects. Grants can be funded for up to $3,500 for a two year project or up to $7,500 for a three year project. The application must be returned by the due date. Confirmation of receipt of application will be mailed, emailed or faxed within two working days.


What are the objectives of the program?
The program's main objective is to encourage the use of sustainable farming and ranching practices in Oklahoma. The program also seeks to empower the individual producer and encourages an exchange of ideas and experiences between producers. The program encourages farmers to teach other farmers how to be more profitable while also conserving natural resources and protecting the environment. The program brings together farmers, ranchers, extension agents, NRCS technicians, and researchers from private and public institutions to explore new ways of solving problems on the farm.


Why is it needed?
With decreased government support for agriculture, the efforts of private organizations and individuals are needed more than ever. Farmers and ranchers face daily challenges that are often difficult to meet without fresh ideas and support from agriculture professionals and organizations.


Contact information
David Redhage
918.647.9123 fax 918.647.8712



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