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June Events

June 8 - Field Day: Composting for Weed Control
This free field day will show visitors the large-scale composting project on the Daci Farm near Grove.

The farm received a producer grant in 2005 from the Kerr Center to demonstrate the use of compost as a mulch and soil conditioner and to measure its effects on soil fertility, soil moisture, crop production and amount of insect damage. The family also uses companion plantings to manage insects. The compost, made from poultry litter, hardwood sawdust and a small amount of dairy manure, is made in a large (45 ton) continuously rotating drum "digester." The finished product has no offensive odor, and retains nutrients and beneficial microorganisms.

Visitors will see the family's organic production system and hear the results of their demonstration.

When and Where:
June 8, 5-8 p.m. No pre-registration required. Held rain or shine; bring a lawn chair.
Daci Farm is located 12 miles northeast of Grove. From Grove, at the stoplight at 3rd and Main, take hwy. 10/25 east for 3 miles. Turn north on hwy. 10. Go 5 miles to 240 and turn east (2 blue water towers on corner). Go 4.5 mi. to S. 697 Rd; look for the sign that says COMPOST, Daci Farm. Turn south (right) onto a gravel road. Go 2/3 mile; look for Daci Farm sign on left.

Workshop: Integrated Pest Management (IPM) and Sustainable Pest Control

When and Where:
June 22, 4-8 p.m., Tulsa Community College Northeast Campus, 3727 East Apache St., Tulsa.
Space is limited; pre-registration required.
Call 918.647.9123 by June 19.

Money-saving pest management strategies will be the focus of these free workshops for small scale vegetable producers.Experts from OSU Extension and the Kerr Center for Sustainable Agriculture will teach the class.The workshop will be “hands-on,” says Alan Ware of the Kerr Center, and aimed at both new and experienced farmers’ market farmers and other small scale vegetable producers.

At the workshop, attendees will learn how to identify insects, weeds and diseases, and how to safely use a variety of methods, both organic and conventional, to control pests. The goal of the workshop is to show smaller-scale producers how they may reduce pesticide use (and save money), yet still get good crops.

Sue Gray, Tulsa County Extension Horticulturist, will show participants how to use a new email service from OSU Extension that allows producers to email photos of pests to OSU entomologists for identification.Workshop: Integrated Pest Management (IPM) and the Proper Application of Pesticides

Integrated pest management (IPM) strategies to determine insect populations such as traps and sweeps will be covered. Instructors will also focus on efficient use of chemicals—including how to figure the right amounts to use on small acreages. How to properly calibrate and safely use a backpack sprayer will be another focus.

Non-chemical methods of pest control such as trap crops and cover crops, as well organic-approved pesticides will be also be covered.

Workshop for Beginning Farmers
Just moved to the farm (or farmette) of your dreams? Ready to dig in to the chores, but find your skills don't quite match your ambition?

If so, this hands-on workshop might be just what you need.

When and Where: June 17 at the Kerr Center near Poteau. Held rain or shine; bring a lawn chair. Check-in/registration from 8-9 a.m. Sessions begin at 9 and run through 3:30. Choose four one hour sessions for the day.

$20 for the day includes materials and lunch. Pre-register by June 12 by filling out the form.
Getting there: Take highway 271 south of Poteau about five miles. Watch for signs.

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