ATTRA Publications for Organic Transition


ATTRA’s Organic Workbooks—written from the perspective of an organic inspector—address all
the areas a producer needs to address when seeking certification.  These workbooks explain
terms and concepts, and provide extensive resources. 


Documentation Forms
Organic producers are required to document activities and inputs to demonstrate compliance with the
rganic Regulations and adherence to the Organic System Plan agreed upon with the certifier.
Most certification agencies approve and encourage use of ATTRA’s Documentation Forms.

Organic Market Farm Documentation Forms


Special Documents
Sometimes affidavits, letters and other documents are required to support an application for certification.
Blank documents and samples are provided in the following ATTRA publication.

Forms, Documents, and Sample Letters for Organic Producers


ATTRA publications are available free-of-charge on-line or by calling 1-800-346-9140.

This list was created by George Kuepper, the Kerr Center for Sustainable Agriculture, June 2007.

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