Hoop House How-to

Over the last several years, the Kerr Center has sponsored several workshops on hoop house (also known as high-tunnel or cold frame) construction.  The workshops focused on the low-cost, user-friendly design developed by producer grant recipients Tod and Jamie Hanley. These educational events— at the Hanley farm near Norman, at the Kerr Center, and other locations around the state-- were popular and well-attended.

The workshops resulted in a how-to report “How to Build a Low-Cost Hoop-House,” and a slide show which takes the viewer step-by-step through the process of building this type of hoop-house.

On this page you will find links to the slide show, the report, an updated (2011) materials/cost list for the hoop-house, and a list of resources (websites and publications) where you can get further information about building and use of hoop-houses.

The designer of this hoop house, Tod Hanley, can be reached by email or phone (405.833.7948). He has a limited quantity of hoop benders available for sale at $150 each (plus shipping).



Build a Hoophouse this April

Download Hoop House How to

Download Hoop
House How-to

Hoop House Resources

Materials/Cost List (March 2011)

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