Sweet Sorghum Production and Processing

Sweet Sorghum Production and Processing

by George Kuepper



Table of Contents

How to Use this Book xi
What is Sorghum? xiii

KCSA’s Method of Production and Processing

Chapter 1: KCSA Sorghum Project 3
Chapter 2: Plant and Crop 5
Chapter 3: Harvesting 9
Chapter 4: Mills and Milling 13
Chapter 5: Handling Juice 17
Chapter 6: Processing Facility 19
Chapter 7: Cooking on an Inclined Pan 25
Chapter 8: Cooking on a Flat Pan 39
Chapter 9: Finished Syrup 41

Other Methods of Production and Processing

Chapter 10: Plant and Crop 45
Chapter 11: Harvesting 53
Chapter 12: Mills and Milling 59
Chapter 13: Cooking 63
Chapter 14: Enzymes 69
Chapter 15: Packaging, Labeling, and Pricing 71
Chapter 16: Economics 73
Chapter 17: Sorghum and Sustainable Agriculture 77
References 81
Reading List 83
Specialized Equipment and Supplies 85
Glossary 89

Related Publications:

Growing Heirloom Sweet Sorghum: A Quick Look at Some New Varieties (2008)
Early Observations of a trial of heirloom varieties

Farm Made: A Guide to On-Farm Processing for Organic Producers (2009)
This report provides an overview of the general requirements for organic certification and for food processing facilities, followed by a discussion of four different on-farm enterprises, including sorghum syrup.

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