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Marketing Options

CSA/Subscription Marketing

How to Develop & Run a Successful CSA (fs) by Dan Nagengast.
(from Future Farms 2002 Proceedings)


Subscription Marketing Strategies (CSA, Selbsternte) (packet)

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Farm to School

ODAFF Farm to School program

The Oklahoma Farm to School Report

Information on Farm-to-School for:

Tips, Tools and Guidelines for Food Distribution and Food Safety
This manual from the Oklahoma Farm to School Program offers tips and tools for producers and school service programs to help increase the availability of locally grown foods in schools. It features several produce and cost calculators, as well as food safety logs for producers.

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Farmers' Markets

Around the World at Farmers’ Market: Opportunities in Growing and Marketing Ethnic & Old-fashioned Fruits, Vegetables and Herbs (fs) by Steve Salt.
(from Future Farms 2002 Proceedings)

Creating a Successful Farmers Market (fs)
by Doug Walton and Chris Kirby.
(from Future Farms 2002 Proceedings)

Farmers’ Markets – Surveys of Oklahoma Producers, Managers and Customers
(online only)

Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) at Farmers Markets: A How-To Handbook. (USDA, June 2010)
The handbook provides the managers of farmers markets with a step-by-step guide to installing Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) machines and accepting SNAP benefits.

SNAP/EBT at Your Farmers Market: Seven Steps to Success
A free handbook designed to help farmers market managers develop and sustain SNAP/EBT projects at their markets. (Project for Public Spaces, August 2010)

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On-farm Marketing/Agritourism

Alternative Enterprises and Agritourism (USDA-NRCS)

A DARE You Can Take… to the Bank! (Field Notes, Winter 2005)

Bringing Customers to Your Farm... and How to Keep Them Coming Back (fs)
by Loren Liebscher (from Future Farms 2002 Proceedings)

Oklahoma Agritourism (A partnership between ODAFF and the Oklahoma Tourism & Recreation Department)

Oklahoma Agritourism Map
The Oklahoma Agritourism Map features over 300 destinations across the state with a synopsis of each place and phone number. Free copies of the map are available online from the state tourism department.

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Specific Products

The ABC’s of Marketing Local Wines (fs)
by Richard Kennedy.
(from Future Farms 2002 Proceedings)

Cut Flowers: From Seed to Vase (fs) by Vicki Stamback.
(from Future Farms 2002 Proceedings)

Honey Marketing & Production Tips (fs) by Jerry Logan.
(from Future Farms 2002 Proceedings)

Elements of a Marketing Plan (Chuck Willoughby, Future Farms 2008)
Free Online Training in Local Food Marketing and Food Safety
The South Dakota State University Cooperative Extension Service offers online training in food safety and marketing strategies for local foods. The training is a self-paced study intended for anyone interested in learning more about safely growing, producing and harvesting fruits and vegetables; and organizing a local farmers market.

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Value Added


Challenges in Value-Added Marketing
(Dr. Richard Ortez, Future Farms 2008)

El Sueno Enterprises: A Small, Vertically-Integrated "Farm to Plate" Business (fs) by Dick Ortez.
(from Future Farms 2002 Proceedings)

Farm Made: A Guide to On-Farm Processing for Organic Producers
by George Kuepper, Holly Born and Anne Fanatico
This report provides an overview of the general requirements for organic certification and for food processing facilities, followed by a discussion of four different on-farm enterprises (sorghum syrup, packaged fresh salad greens, table eggs, and jams, jellies, and preserves). It is intended for current and prospective organic farmers who are considering adding a processing enterprise. (Kerr Center, 2009)
For a printed copy, contact the Kerr Center by email or by phone (918.647.9123).

Oklahoma Agricultural Enhancement & Diversification Program (fs) by Gary Bledsoe.
(from Future Farms 2002 Proceedings

State meat processor listings


Made-In-Oklahoma Program (fs) by Jason Harvey.
(from Future Farms 2002 Proceedings)

Oklahoma Agritourism Map
The Oklahoma Agritourism Map features over 300 destinations across the state with a synopsis of each place and phone number. Free copies of the map are available online from the state tourism department.

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Sustainable Shopping

Things every Oklavore should know about food shopping.

Become an Oklavore!
This idea sheet provides a springboard of suggestions for incorporating Oklahoma-fresh foods into home, work, and community.

Beef and Pork Whole Animal Buying Guide
This consumer-oriented guide, created by Iowa State University's Small Meat Processors Working Group, explains buying pork and beef as whole animals (or portions thereof) directly from local producers. Common retail pork and beef cuts are explained with color photos by primal. This guide brings all the necessary pieces together in one easy-to-use resource. (Iowa State University Extension, April 2009)

Busting a Myth: Farmers' Market Produce is Fresh and Affordable

How Your Food Is Produced... Matters

Know Your Farmer, Know Your Food
USDA's new local foods inititative.

Local/community foods
A collection of resources for finding sources of local food in Oklahoma.


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