Sustainable Agriculture

Essential Steps to a Sustainable Agriculture
What is a sustainable agriculture? And once you know what it is, how do you practice it?
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Future Farms 2008: Planning for Change: presentations in financial planning, sustainable production of crops and livestock.  

Future Farms 2002: A Supermarket of Ideas Conference Proceedings. 138 pgs. Over fifty presentations on crops, livestock, poultry, and fish, marketing and value-added ideas, and alternative enterprises such as nature and agri-tourism. (Some individual presentations from the proceedings are on-line; check subject area.)
Future Farms 2000 Conference Proceedings. (r)Edited by Maura McDermott. Innovative, successful marketing systems, livestock and cropping systems, and natural resource management. Also building sustainable rural communities. Papers by participants including Joel Salatin, John Ikerd, W. Joe Lewis and Marion Jay, Walt Davis, Steve Groff, Max Carter, Russell L. Stevens, John R. Dunkin, Jim Robinson, Dan Nagengast, Rodney B. Holcomb, Alex Hitt, Peggy and Richard Sechrist, La Rhea Pepper. Preface by Jim Horne.
The Next Green Revolution: Essential Steps to a Healthy, Sustainable Agriculture by James E. Horne, PhD and Maura McDermott. Published by Haworth/Food Products Press, 2001. 312 pgs, bibliography. Foreword by John E. Ikerd, PhD. An accessible, practical introduction to sustainable agriculture. For use as an adjunct text in agriculture, environmental science, rural sociology courses; also for the general reader with an interest in agriculture or the environment.
Oklahoma Sustainable Agriculture Website
OSU and Langston University collaborate on a website that acts as a central clearing point for resources on all aspects of sustainable agriculture in Oklahoma. Sections include news and events, producer's corner, training opportunities, projects and research, and opportunities for funding.

The Oklahoma Sustainable Agriculture Program closely cooperates with several broad-based sustainable agriculture programs such as the Southern Region and National Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education (SARE) programs funded by the USDA and EPA, related programs of the Oklahoma Department of Agriculture, Food and Forestry, and the Kerr Center for Sustainable Agriculture.
People Sustaining the Land by Cynthia Vagnetti and Jerry DeWitt. 118 pgs. Exceptional photographs and oral histories of twenty-six farmers and ranchers across the U.S.

"…the farm families in People Sustaining the Land possess a keen sense of observation in the tool box of scientific skills they apply in their daily lives of caring for the land, the crops, the animals, their family, and their local community." –Cynthia Vagnetti

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SARE 20/20: Celebrating our First 20 Years, Envisioning the Next
Chronicling 20 years of agricultural innovation from SARE's beginning in 1988 to present-day stories of farmers, ranchers, researchers and educators working across America to develop and implement sustainable marketing and production practices - this publication is available free electronically, and print copies can be ordered from SARE.
72 Ways To Make Agriculture Sustainable (fs)
by Maura McDermott and Jim Horne.
"Ten Years of Change"
(keynote luncheon speech given by Jim Horne to SARE 10th Anniversary Conference, March 5, 1998) His experience with SARE and sustainable agriculture.

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