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Updated September 27, 2013

Fall 2013 Newsletter
The fall 2013 issue of the Kerr Center newsletter, Field Notes, is now online. This fall the Kerr Center goes back to school again, putting out a call for new students in the 2014 Beginning Farmer and Rancher Program. Learning is the name of the game all around, with a look back at 2013's Beginning Farmer & Rancher classes, intern program, Choctaw Youth Program and Resilient Farmer trainings. There's also a look farther back, at Senator Kerr and his legacy, as well as the usual account of current goings-on at the center - on the ground with agroforestry, pollinator conservation, and heirloom seed production, and online and in print with new publications, presentations, and videos. Find out about the Kerr Center's latest honors, learn how to contribute, and more!
Compost/Vermicompost Videos
The center's compost page now hosts two videos on vermicomposting, and another one featuring Kerr Center consultant Luke Freeman's introduction to composting. (All three are from the 2013 Beginning Farmer & Rancher Program's horticulture track.)
Biochar Feedstock Trial Slideshow
This slideshow summarizes 2013 intern Jonathan Pollnow's biochar feedstock trial, which compared the amount of organic matter added to sand by biochar made from eight different feedstocks sourced from the ranch, including pine slash, sunflower stalks, and office paper.
About Kerr Center Slideshow
New to the Kerr Center, or need a refresher? The 'About' page now features a slideshow that covers all the essentials of what the center does and how it came to be.
Agroforestry Slideshow
The center's agroforestry page got a recent facelift with this description of the various projects around the ranch - including the thinning harvest on the Between the Lakes project in early September.
Native Pollinator Page
New work on native pollinators and their habitat is the focus of this page.
2013 Intern Report: Hot Composting with the Berkeley Method
2013 horticulture intern Kate Atchley worked at devising compost recipes to produce a finished quality product in the shortest possible time. She describes her findings in this report.
2103 Intern Report: The True Cost of Hay
2013 livestock intern Erin Jenkins ran the numbers on the Kerr Center's claim that can be cheaper to buy hay than to bale your own. This report details what she learned.

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